Microblading vs Nano/ Ombre Brows technique are two different methods.

What is Microblading ?

Microblading of the eyebrows is a microsurgical procedure, during which the blade cuts through the deep layers of the skin - dermis, which contains the blood vessels, nerves, hair roots and sweat glands. Such operation is a very traumatic and usually leaves the medical scars for a lifetime. When pigment gets into the blood the scars become blue and ugly later. During a touch up procedure new scars appear and old scars will not allow a pigment to evenly dissolve into the skin. As a result, unpainted spots will appear on the eyebrows.

D&A's Technique

D&A’s  technique is non-traumatic (no bleeding), because pigment is applied to the surface layers of the skin at the border of epidermis and dermis by a very fine needle, using a special high-quality professional machine. The professionalism of the master is not to touch the deep layers of the skin (dermis), but also not to leave the pigment in the surface layer of the skin (epidermis), where the pigment will dissolve in a few months. The use of a high-quality machine leaves no cuts and scars on the face unlike the microblading session.

Nano  brows

Digital Hair Stroke Brows are created using a cosmetic machine with a tiny needle which injects pigment into the skin.  The pigment is implanted much closer to the surface of the skin than in a traditional tattooing, the nano hair stroke technique is much less traumatic to the skin than microblading, so it causes less bruising and bleeding, saying this depending which needles are used, it can be more uncomfortable, and can take longer than Microblading as you have to work very slowly to ensure the pigment is implanted accurately. Results can vary from dramatic looks, mimicking the look of makeup or individual hair strokes for a subtler more natural look.After the initial treatment a 6 week touch up is recommend, as the client might lose 30-40% of pigment. We would recommend a colour boost at around 9-12 months.

Ombré brow description

Ombré Brows (also known as Powder Brows/Shaded Brows) is a semi-permanent make-up procedure, where we  insert pigment into the top layers of skin. The procedure is a two step process (initial insertion of pigment & touch-up 6-8 weeks later.Powder ombré- gives a light to dark ombré, lighter at the bulb (front) of the brow and going darker towards the tail. ombré gives a soft powder makeup look that's still natural looking. Lasts about 1-2 years and a boost of color is recommend 9-12 months. We create the desired fullness and design of the eyebrows.This technique differs from Microblading in that we create a misty, powder filled brow resembling the look of makeup application, or a fresh eyebrow tint.They are semi-permanent, in that most fade over time if no additional procedure is performed.

Factors that will cause your semi-permanent brow tattoo to fade faster:

  1. Tanning bed / sun exposure
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Oily skin
  4. Medical conditions

The pigment distributes evenly, superficially and without obvious contours. As a result the eyebrows look natural and have more volume. With our  technique the pigment is kept in the skin for 1.5-2 years and does not change its color. The pigment comes off gradually, dissolving evenly and without spots. During touch up procedure the client can easily change the eyebrows shape or change the pigment color without numerous and expensive laser removal procedures


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