Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of waxing or frustrated by those unsightly red bumps caused by shaving, D&A Esthetics Med Spa laser hair removal treatment is your solution.

We offer the very best in state-of-the art FDA-approved laser hair removal technology to achieve superior results in permanent hair removal reduction.

D&A's Cynosure Elite™ laser has revolutionary technology that combines two wave lengths in one system:

  • The 755-nm Alexandrite laser for light skin types
  • The 1064-nm ND: Yag laser for all dark skin types

Our certified laser technicians have the training and technology to treat all skin types

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The Elite+ has several Benefits

·       Shorter treatment sessions: an extra-large spot size lets us treat more skin with each pulse, dramatically reducing total treatment time

·       Fewer treatments: Elite+ has been shown to reduce unwanted hair by up to 79% after just 3 treatments.

·      Safe, effective treatment for light or dark skin: 1064nm Nd:YAG is considered the safest wavelength for dark or tanned skin, making laser hair removal an option for more patients

Laser Hair Removal at D&A Esthetics Med Spa can be done for almost all areas on the body.

The first hours after the laser hair removal treatment, you might experience some redness in the treated area. You can reduce this by cooling the area as much as possible. In rare cases small blisters might appear in the treated area, which will disappear within a few days. Directly after the treatment, you may continue with your normal daily activities. You must avoid sun exposure for up to 6 weeks after the treatment. Sometimes thicker hair might appear in the treated area. These are not new hairs, but hairs that were damaged by the laser. They will fall out by themselves, but you can also shave them after 2 days

Not everybody will see results after laser hair removal. Hair color and skin color are an important factor. Dark hair contains more melanine. And because the melanin absorbs the laser energy, laser hair removal works better in people with dark brown or black hair. The LightSheer Desire uses special treatment protocols for people with darker skin, to increase the effectivity. Multiple treatment sessions will be required for permanent hair reduction. Usually 6 to 8 sessions are enough to see optimal results.

Using a multiple-wavelength system, the Elite+ by Cynosure offers fast, effective, and versatile treatment for hair removal

This laser is unique in that it includes two separate wavelengths of light allowing us to customize the treatment to our patient’s needs. Lighter skinned individuals and darker skinned individuals are best treated with different wavelengths as to avoid complications, such as burns and hyper-pigmentation. With the Elite laser system, we can choose the best wavelength for our patients thus giving the best results with fewer treatments. Laser light will target only the pigment in the growing hair follicle, heating and damaging the blood supply to these follicles so that it cannot grow back.

By treating the areas of unwanted hair every 4-6 weeks, the hair follicles in the growth phase can be successively destroyed, leading to long lasting hair reduction. Because the laser will only target hairs that are currently in the growth phase, multiple treatments are necessary to damage all of the hair follicles in any one area.

The feeling during laser hair removal is compared to a series of rubber band snaps against the skin. Mild temporary redness can occur after treatment. 6-8 treatments are typically required to achieve optimal results.

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